Stop watching from the sidelines

  • LISTEN, you can do this!

    I know you have been searching high and low for proven systems to help you successfully launch your business.


    I know you are tired of trying to figure this out on your own.


    I know you want the blueprint to make consistent profits in your new business.


    Well you are in the right place to finally get what you need!


    In 8 weeks I will show you how to build a successful, sustainable and profitable service based business while maintaining an active lifestyle.


    Whether you are launching your first business or you've been in business for years, this accelerated virtual start-up course will help you launch your profitable business.


    From legal structures, to marketing strategies to business development strategies to product creation to building business credit with challenged personal credit, BBU will teach you how to design your customized blueprint for your business breakthrough.





    Let me show you how to start the right business, for the right clients with the best tools to align with your lifestyle without compromising your sanity in the process.



    In Business Breakthroughs Unleashed, an optimized business launch course, you will:


    * Work through 6 self paced modules to build your service based business in 8 weeks.


    * Get 2 weeks of launch implementation support plus monthly live Q & A sessions.


    * Design a complete step-by-step model to launch your business in 120 Days.


    * Get the roadmap to building a business powered for automated growth.


    * Determine best products or services to sell based on leveraging resources you have now.


    * Create the blueprint to sell your products and services for profit.


    * Identify simple yet powerful technology to use to optimize your results.


    * Learn how to align your target market with your products or services.


    * Jumpstart your business launch with little to no budget and much more!


    Get started now -



    I created Business Breakthroughs Unleashed [BBU] to help visionary professionals caught up in recurring cycles of mass activities yielding marginal , at best, results. With a broad range of experience having lead high profile, all scale operations at established organizations I am on a mission to continue to elevate individuals and organizations alike to reach their full potential and exceed self imposed barriers. [ Learn more about me here. ]


    BBU is NOT for everyone. If you are not fed up with being fed up, this program is not for you! It gets real during the live monthly support sessions. I am having real conversations to get to the real issues at hand.


    The reason you, and other visionary just like you, have NOT started THIS business is because you are STUCK!


    Does this sound familiar?


    * You just flat out don't know where to start.


    * "People" keep telling you all the things you must have (website, full business plan, logo, etc.) BEFORE you can launch your business you are overwhelmed at the thought of it all.


    * You don't believe that YOU can actually make money and be successful.


    * You already have a demanding schedule and you don't think you have time for anytime else.

    Stop telling yourself what you can't do. Start operating with a CAN DO attitude. You can do this!


    Over the past 15 years I have utilized my systems and processes to support service based businesses in creating thriving businesses, launching profitable brands and expanding their reach.


    Are you ready to stop watching from the side lines and build your profitable business? Click here to get started now.



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    For the action taker. Others need not inquire....

    Visionaries that have worked with me were are asked what comes to mind when they think of me, these were some of the responses:


    no nonsense,



    smart ass hell,


    forward thinker,

    woman that get's it done,

    powerful yet helpful....


    Delivering on my promise....


    I am incredibly humbled at the feedback but more important elated that these visionaries felt I delivered on my promise to #getitdone. I WILL get you there!


    This is not for everyone.


    I am not for everyone - but rest assured when you decide to enter #businessbreakthroughsunleashed I WILL deliver on my promise.


    If the descriptors above give you cause for concern, THIS is not the right business launch course for you.


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    6 Self Paced Modules | 2 Weeks Implementation Support | Live Private Strategy Session


    • You want to launch your business the RIGHT WAY - for success, sales and with your sanity in tack. 
    • You are overwhelmed at the thought of everything you need to do to make it happen.
    • You are building your business while you're working a demanding job and maintaining an active lifestyle.
    • You want to learn how leverage your personal toolbox to launch your business on a nominal budget.
    • You are a looking to create a business that works for you and allows you the independence to live life on your terms.

    BBU Benefits + Details

    • You will have lifetime access to BBU models and all future updates at no additional cost.
    • BBU consists of (6) 30-50 minute Modules. You will receive immediate access to Getting Your Mind Breakthrough Ready. You will also need to complete your BBU Cut to the Chase Questionnaire so that we know how to best support you.
    • You will develop your signature success strategy and tactical plans to consistently grow.
    • You can work through the modules at your pace, at your convenience - but you must do the work in each module. Get additional support when you need it through a private group virtual group. 
    • Get access to the Optimization Lab for must have resources to create an optimized business with templates, checklists and audio trainings for ongoing support.


    If you can say YES to every question below BBU is right for you.

    • Are you feeling overwhelmed with building your business while trying to balance other demands in your life?
    • Are you struggling to make headway in launching growing your business?
    • You are high performing entrepreneurial leader and visionary professional over ready and fed up.
    • You are are committed to finally get "it" done - No excuses, no shortcuts, no fluff.


  • You are on the verge of your business breakthrough.

    The time is now.



    "It is truly one of the best investments I could have ever made."

    “For anyone who is really serious (like for real - for real) about seeing their vision come to life (i.e. a new career, writing a book, starting your own business, etc.)....Breakthrough Unleashed 2.0 is the way to go! Every aspect of the series contained amazing tools to help me get to my breakthrough. The VIP Day....rocked!'


    "You are a beast....the truth!

    You get it done."

    "I tell anyone trying to start their business the right way they need to talk to Roxanne."


    Listen to the words of Dr. Burruss....


    "Roxanne is well informed, knowledgeable and supportive."

    "After my first session with Roxanne I felt like my hair was standing straight up.I learned so much... got so much accomplished... I had a workable plan in place with next steps. She made things less intimidating."

  • BBU Commonly Asked Questions

    We know what you're thinking

    Q. This sounds great, but I'm not sure if this is right for me.

    Are you sure that what you've been doing is not getting you what you desire?

    Ok - so what is really the issue? I am going to give you everything I've got because I want you to succeed and exceed - your desires. The visionaries I have worked with will tell you I deliver. I do what I say I am going to do. Listen to one of my clients share her experience. The bottom line is you have to trust your instinct and know this - you can't lose when you invest in you. PERIOD.


    Q. The bonuses offered are outstanding! How do I get access to them?

    Your engagement triggers the bonuses

    This is an intensive, laser focused series so the bonuses will be activated throughout the series based on the content covered in each module and the discussions on the weekly calls. That means stay plugged in!!

    Q. When do sessions meet?

    24 hours access, 7 days a week


    ​You can access BBU session 24 hours a day through our private virtual classroom powered by Thinkific After you register you will receive instructions on how to access BBU sessions. You will also have access to our private facebook group #MogulQuarters to share, connect and ask questions between sessions.


    Q. What will I need for BBU sessions?

    Just 3 things - all of which you have now!

    You will need:

    1. Quiet space to work through content in each session and participate in live monthly support calls 
    2. Internet access and computer to log into our virtual classroom. These sessions are viewable on all mobile devices.
    3. Commitment t​o stay the course! ​

    You have two options to begin to unleash your business breakthrough

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    $99 One Time Fee

    1 Payment

    << Click BBU to your left to enroll now. Gain immediate access to BBU Modules

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    $199 One Time Fee

    1 Payment

    << Click BBU ONE TIME to your left to enroll now. Gain immediate access to BBU Modules + Optimization Lab


    I know that you are tired of being stuck in your current state. I know that you are fed up with being fed up.